Friday, February 22, 2013

North Dallas' Restaurant Capital - Addison Texas

Addison Facts or Everything you always wanted to know about Addison Texas

  • Addison covers a 4.35 square mile area just north of Dallas
  • With more than 170 restaurants, every resident in Addison could go out to eat and be seated at the same time
  • Addison's 118 acres of parks are some of the finest in Texas
  • Every winter, the Addison landscaping crew plants 75,000 tulip bulbs.  The bulbs come straight from Holland, world famous for tulips.   Every spring, the Town of Addison is one of the most beautiful gardens in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area!
  • Addison has a population of only 15,830 residents, but its business and daytime population typically reaches up to 100,000 a day
  • About 55% of all Addison residents age 25+ have an associate's degree, a bachelor's degree or a graduate degree
  • The Cavanaugh Flight Museum, located in Addison, features fully restored war birds from W.W.I and W.W.II
  • Addison Airport is now the third largest general aviation airport in the country and boasts a runway of 7,200 feet. With 774 based aircraft, the airport averages 366 operations per day.
  • Addison has been used as a setting for numerous commercials and for at least one feature film (Dr. T and the Women starring Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, and Farah Fawcett.)
  • Addison has one of the lowest tax rates in Texas
  • Addison is nationally known for having one of the most progressive fire sprinkler ordinances in the world. All buildings over 500 square-feet - including residences - are equipped with an approved fire sprinkler system when they are constructed.  Adopted in 1992, this life saving prerequisite has become a model for many communities around the Country.
  • There are special events in Addison 29 weekends of every year!
  • The Town of Addison is located in an area once called Peters Colony. It was settled as early as 1846 when Preston Witt built a house on White Rock Creek. The area was not known as Addison until 1902. Addison was named after Addison Robertson, who served as the community's second postmaster from 1908-1916. In 1902, the first industry was introduced to Addison when a cotton gin was built on Addison Road, near the railroad, by the Pistole brothers. It became the Plano Cotton Oil Mill in 1904 and the Farmers Gin of Addison in 1919.

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Addison Texas Special Events

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Daily Infographic

Daily Infographic | Kissing [infographic]

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Kissing [infographic]

Posted: 14 Feb 2013 06:00 AM PST

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their day whether it be with their significant other, or with themselves. It’s funny because I never used to enjoy Valentine’s Day when I was in a relationship; I seem to enjoy it much more when I’m single. This obviously means that I love myself more than anyone else. But hey, at least I can find good in the holiday. The thing that will be going on in abundance today is kissing, and hand holding, but mostly the kissing.

Today’s infographic gives some facts on the history and mechanics of kissing. It’s kind of funny to think that there is so much information surrounding an activity that is so natural to most of us. With that being said, be sure to pucker up tomorrow! [via]

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Go Red For Women Galleria Dallas

Go Red For Women Galleria Dallas

from WE ARE DALLAS  -- official blog of Galleria Dallas:

For the past ten years, the American Heart Association has declared February as Go Red For Women month in an effort to encourage women to gain awareness about heart disease and its risk factors for women.  The fashion industry jumped right in – not just because women’s health is an important cause, but because every woman can, and should, look great in this dynamite hue!
A simple stroll through Galleria Dallas shows how many designers and retailers have jumped in that red wagon, and we are all the beneficiaries.  Nothing makes a woman feel special like wearing a bold pop of color.  Whether you look best in a traditional fire engine red, an orangery coral or a wine-inspired garnet, going bold this season is just the trick to break through the grey weather we often experience in February.
I think every woman should own a great red dress, and this Side Swept Sheath Dress is so good for many body types.  The sheath styling makes it look so sophisticated, and the slight rushing at the side makes it more forgiving, and really defines the waistline.
If you have darker skin, often a deeper red is the right shade.  I love this playful red print from Nordstrom.  It’s a red that doesn't take itself so seriously!
Often, redheads are told they can’t wear red.  Well, Jessica Chastain proves them all wrong!  She rocked the red carpet for the SAG awards last weekend in this beautiful Alexander McQueen gown.  Fair-skinned beauties like her often do well with a red with orange or yellow undertones.
Not ready to go all red?  What about this fun blazer from H&M?  It would be great over jeans and a T, a little black dress or so many other options!
And remember, during Go Red month, you can make a difference when you wear red!  Macy’s is donating 10% of all sales of this adorable Kenzie dress to the American Heart Association!
So don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve all season when you sport the season’s boldest shade!

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